Tire Storage Service at Key Auto Group

Tire Storage Service at Key Auto Group

Your vehicle’s tires play a vital role in the safety and performance of your vehicle. They deserve the utmost care, both when they’re on and off your vehicle. Take advantage of the tire storage service that we offer at our Key Auto Group dealerships and ensure that your off-season tires are safe and secure, ready for the next tire swap season. Continue reading below to learn more about our multitude of benefits that come with storing your tires at a Key Auto Group location.

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Why Service Your Vehicle at Key Auto Group

Why Store Your Tires at a Key Auto Group Dealership?

Open Up Storage Space

It's not hard to overlook the space that a set of tires occupy until they're right in front of you. Allow us to manage your tire storage, freeing up your garage, shed, or storage area for items other than tires. There's no reason to occupy valuable space with seasonal tires when we can handle the storage for you.

Weather-Proof Storage

We not only relieve you of storage worries but also ensure that your tires are stored at the ideal temperature. Tires require careful storage at the right temperature to maintain their quality over the years, and we take this into consideration.

Peace-of-Mind Safety

A quality set of wheels and tires didn’t come cheap, so protect your investment and store it at a secure location like one of our Key dealerships. Drive with peace of mind knowing that your off-season tires are safe and secure at one of our dealerships near you.

Seasonal Tire Storage at Key Auto Group 

If you’re looking for convenient and hassle tire storage in Yorkton, SK or Swan River, MB, we’ve got the right place for you. Contact one of our Key Auto Group locations to reserve your tire storage spot, today!