Oil Change Service at Key Auto Group


Oil Change Service in Saskatchewan & Manitoba 

Oil changes are a vital aspect of vehicle maintenance and ownership. At Key Auto Group, our dealerships are well equipped with the correct tools and certified service technicians to perform oil changes on a variety of different vehicle makes and models. Continue reading below to learn more about automotive oil changes and why you should bring your vehicle to a Key Auto dealership for its next oil change. 

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Why Service Your Vehicle with Key Auto Group?

What is an Oil Change? 

An oil change is a routine vehicle maintenance service where the old engine oil is drained and replaced with fresh, clean engine oil. Periodic oil change services are a crucial aspect of vehicle ownership as they ensure the proper functioning and longevity of your vehicle's engine.

Why Do I Have to Change My Car’s Oil? 

Changing your vehicle’s engine oil is necessary for a handful of reasons:

  • Lubrication: Engine oil acts as a lubricant, reducing friction between moving parts in the engine. This lubrication prevents excessive wear and tear on the engine components, ensuring they function smoothly and efficiently.
  • Cleaning: Engine oil carries away contaminants and particles from the engine, such as dirt, debris, and combustion byproducts. Over time, the oil becomes saturated with these impurities, leading to reduced effectiveness in cleaning and lubricating.
  • Corrosion Prevention: Fresh engine oil contains additives that protect engine components from corrosion and oxidation. Over time, these additives break down, leaving the engine vulnerable to damage.

How Often Should I Change My Car’s Oil? 

The frequency of oil changes depends on several factors, including the type of oil, driving conditions, and your vehicle's specific make and model. As a general rule of thumb, you should change your vehicle’s oil every 5,000 km to 8,000 km or every 6 months, whichever comes first. Modern vehicles often come with advanced synthetic oils and longer recommended intervals, sometimes ranging from 12,000 km to 16,000 km. Consult your vehicle’s owners manual for the most accurate information.

Where Can I Change My Oil?

Key Auto Group has five dealership locations throughout Saskatchewan and Manitoba. If you're in the Yorkton, Saskatchwean area, visit Yorkton Toyota, Yorkton Kia, Key Chevrolet or Key Cadillac for your vehicle's next oil change. If you're in Manitoba, our Swan River's Key Chevrolet dealership has got you covered. 

Key Auto Group is a premier dealership group, proudly serving Saskatchewan and Manitoba. If you’re in the market for a high-quality used vehicle, or a brand new vehicle from one of our brands, make sure to visit our website and browse through our available inventory of in-stock vehicles.