Key Detail Centre

Key Detail Centre


At the Key Detail Centre, we have a full list of detailing services to fit your needs. Our three detailing packages cover everything from an exterior wash to a complete interior detail. Additional services provide the option to preserve that beautiful, vibrant shine of your new vehicle or give it the much-needed refresh to have it feeling brand new.


Bronze $59.95

Includes a pressure wash of the exterior with a soap and
squeegee dry, interior vacuum and window cleaning.

2-3 hours

Silver $164.95

Includes the services in the Bronze package, with the addition of interior surface wipe down, shampoo of floor mats, garbage removal, wash door jams, interior and exterior glass clean, engine shampoo and tire dressing.

3-4 hours

Gold Base $349.95

Includes all the services of the Silver package, with the addition of a full interior shampoo of the seats, carpet, and floor mats, fine detailing of vents and leather conditioning.

10-12 hours


Glass Repair


Tar Removal


HVAC Fogging

Power Polishing

Smoke Removal

Interior Protectant

Fabric Protection:
A Protective Solution sprayed on all carpet materials. Protects
against Staining by repelling spilled liquids. Prevents UV damage
as well.

Leather Protection:
A Conditioner that Bonds to the Leather to prevent damage such
as Fading and Cracking.

Ceramix Window Ceramic:

A Glass Nano Coating that bonds to your vehicles windows to improve
both impact resistance and Hydrophobic properties. Ceramic coating
helps you with visibility during wet conditions, Reducing Glare from
oncoming traffic as well as allowing stuck bugs to be removed with ease!


XPEL protective film

This protective film is applied by hand and precisely customized to the exact fit of every vehicle. XPEL is an extra layer of protection to prevent rock chips or scratches from keys and rings around the door handles. It can be applied to any painted surface of your vehicle, such as the bumper, fenders, hood, and door handles.

Ceramic paint sealants

This clear ceramic sealant is an extra layer of protectant for your vehicle to bring out a beautiful, polished shine. It will prevent water spotting and block UV rays that dull the paint colour over time. It will repel water and grime, making car washes a breeze even when faced with bug residue or tree sap. This ceramic sealant can also be applied to the windows, vinyl, plastic, headlights, and handles.


We offer a wide variety of colours and sizes to suit the style of any customer. Pinstriping also include an exterior wash and dry.

Your satisfaction is our priority. To book an appointment or find out what detailing service might be right for you, please contact 306-828-3552. Or stop into the the Cap-It location at 37 Pallister Way in Yorkton for a full list of our services.