4 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Vehicle


Vehicle Tips & Tricks in Saskatchewan and Manitoba 

Is your current vehicle feeling a little long in the tooth? Do you find yourself visiting the mechanic and the gas pump more often than you used to? Are you growing concerned about the vehicle’s safety? If so, then it may be time to consider looking for a new vehicle. Luckily for you, we here at Key Auto Group are more than happy to help you find a new ride that suits your vehicle needs. With five dealerships locations, six automotive brands, and years of automotive experience helping drivers in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, you can rest assured that we can find a suitable vehicle for your lifestyle. Continue reading below as our team discusses four signs that it may be time to replace your vehicle.

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1. Frequent & Costly Repairs 

As a vehicle ages, parts wear out and become more prone to failure. When the cost of repairs starts to outweigh the value of your car, it's a clear indication that it might be more cost-effective to invest in a new vehicle.

2. Deteriorating Fuel Economy 

An indicator of a vehicle's declining condition is a noticeable drop in fuel efficiency. If you find yourself stopping at the gas station more frequently despite driving the same routes, it could be a sign that your vehicle's engine and overall efficiency are on the decline.

3. Safety Concerns 

Vehicle safety features have significantly evolved over the years, with most late model vehicles being equipped with a plethora of standard safety features. If your current car lacks modern safety features like lane departure warning, or advanced airbags, it might be time to consider an upgrade.

4. Outdated Technology

Vehicle technology has advanced rapidly in recent years, with features like advanced infotainment systems, GPS navigation, bluetooth connectivity, and smartphone integration becoming standard. If your current vehicle lacks these modern conveniences and you find yourself missing out on the benefits of these technologies.

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